Medtronic StealthStation™

stealthstation™ s7

Our Medtronic Stealth S7© navigation system comes with Cranial, Spine, and ENT applications including Stealth Axiem EM.  With the Stealth S7© we are able to offer a cost-effective alternative to purchasing equipment and provide immediate availability when you need it.

Fusion ENT

The Medtronic Fusion© ENT navigation system supports ENT FESS procedures using EM (Electromagnetic) technology. Our version of the software also allows for CT and MRI fusion.

Included instrument sets:

  • ENT Instrument tray x 2
  • ENT Instrument Supplementary tray x 1
Medtronic Fusion ENT™
Brainlab Curve®


The Brainlab Curve® features optical ENT maxillofacial surgical navigation and neurosurgical cranial navigation capabilities. Combined with Brainlab’s SoftTouch® registration probe, accurate surface-based registration can be achieved without the need for fiducials allowing patients to have a pre-operative MRI at anytime before surgery.


Unveil Precision in Every Procedure with Medtronic Stealth O-Arm!

Are you ready to elevate your surgical experience to unprecedented levels of accuracy and control? Introducing the cutting-edge technology of the Medtronic Stealth O-Arm – the pinnacle of precision in the operating room!

Medtronic Oarm