Neuronavigation support

With 20 years of experience in image-guided surgery, we provide the best, reliable and cost effective clinical support for your neuronavigation cases.

About us

We are a team of experienced specialists providing neuronavigation support and services with 20 years of experience in image-guided surgery. We directly collaborate with your care team and surgeons before creating a personalized surgical plan for each patient to ensure that nothing is overlooked and every aspect of the navigation process runs as efficiently as possible.


Image Guided Surgery

We provide case support for your neuronavigated cases in the operating room. We specialize with multiple types of navigation systems including Brainlab and Medtronic Stealth.

Cranial, Spine & ENT

We have experience supporting cranial, ENT and spine cases such as:

  • Tumor resection
  • Brain biopsies
  • Shunt placements
  • FESS and balloon sinuplasty
  • Specialized Services

    We can help with integrating functional data with your navigation cases including DTI, MEG and fMRI data. We have experience with complex navigated cases like laser ablation, epilepsy, SEEG implantations and more.

    Planning. Time. Precision.

    Image-guided surgery allows the surgeon to view anatomical structures in 3D and in real-time. Preoperative planning software can allow the surgeon to create a precise plan in advance along with additional functional data in order to avoid critical structures.

    With image-guided surgery, knowing exactly where a tumor is located can allow surgeons to make smaller incisions and find tumors faster thus decreasing time spent in the operating room and shortening patient recovery time with overall better patient outcomes

    Why choose us?

    24/7 availbability

    Cost effective

    Quick response time

    Vendor support can be expensive and require days notice in advance for case coverage. Supporting neuronavigation systems in-house can be frustrating for OR staff who don’t use the system enough to be proficient. Our team of specialists don’t just know the technology, we know the procedures, the anatomy, and understand imaging. Let us help you support cases today!

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