Pinless Brain Biopsy

Medtronic Stealth Axiem biopsy of a cerebellar brain lesion in a pediatric patient. Using an Adtech 19cm non-navigated biopsy needle, the Axiem stylet fits to the tip of the needle. Combined with the Medtronic Navigus and using the Axiem Shunt protocol, we successfully took multiple core samples of the lesion without fixating the patient in a Mayfield head holder.

Adtech 19cm brain biopsy needle with Stealth Axiem shunt stylet inserted to the tip.
Navigating in the shunt procedure protocol with the shunt stylet inserted into the brain biopsy needle.

Thank you to the authors of this article:

PL;, H. S. D. (2012, March). A prospective study of the safety and efficacy of frameless, pinless electromagnetic image-guided biopsy of cerebral lesions.



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